Oct 172006
Authors: Adam Bohlmeyer, Vimal Patel

Editor’s note: Due to an online posting error, a preliminary version of this story was posted online. This online story has been updated to reflect the version that ran in the Collegian’s newspaper product.

A fraternity that’s on the brink of CSU extinction filed an appeal Tuesday afternoon to a student board decision calling for the university to revoke its recognition.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon was suspended by its national chapter and the university, pending investigation, after a 17-year-old girl allegedly drank a large amount of hard liquor in the house.

CSU has a no-alcohol policy in its fraternities and sororities.

Chris Smith, president of the chapter, hand-delivered the appeal to Eddie Modec, Associated Students of CSU chief justice.

“Today Sigma Alpha Epsilon submitted our appeal to the ASCSU Supreme Court Justice,” Smith said in a statement Tuesday. “We believe we have a strong case and hope Eddie (Modec) will grant our organization the opportunity to appeal at the next level.”

Smith said in the statement that he hopes the court treats SAE fairly.

He added: “Finally, we would like to thank Anne Hudgens (of) the Office of Conflict Resolutions and Mark Koepsell for their aid and cooperation through these difficult times.”

The Greek Board of Standards and Values Alignment voted 6-1 to recommend booting SAE on Oct. 6.

The university said the recommendation would “weigh heavily” on whether to impose sanctions, which could include revoking university recognition.

Last year, the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity lost university recognition after a series of so-called “rise-and-ralph” parties in which students drink until they vomit.

Other fraternities and sororities were also disciplined.

The university banned alcohol in sororities and fraternities in 2004 after the alcohol-poisoning death of sophomore Samantha Spady.

Modec, who, as of Tuesday afternoon had not looked at the appeal, said he will try to act swiftly in the case.

“I’m not restricted with any time frame, but I’m going to try to expedite it,” he said.

The girl, a CSU freshman, spent seven hours in an emergency room after downing about 12 shots of hard liquor in about a half hour, according to an internal report obtained by the Collegian.

The report states that medical personnel said the girl would have died were it not for medical intervention.

Now that the appeal has been filed, a few things can happen, including returning the case to the Greek board. The court could reverse the decision or uphold it.

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