Oct 172006

Has anyone noticed a ticket to Amsterdam in the Lory Student Center is exactly $420? Interesting….

Why doesn’t campus have a college-sized playground for students to play on in between classes? I want to swing!

All I want is for the cute guy down the street to come knock on my window one night so I can let him in my window and have one fabulous night… is that too much to ask?

I just burned off all of my taste buds trying to drink hot chocolate right after it was made. I have ruined my next few days of trying to taste anything at all because I couldn’t wait for the chocolately goodness. Hot Chocolate – 1, Me – 0.

Be on alert: Do not, I repeat DO NOT give Terrell Owens a pilots license!

I feel as though 95 percent of my conversations can be summarized as follows, “Like, like, like… ummm… and like, like, like.” Does anyone else, like, get annoyed with the universe’s obsession with this word?

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