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Oct 172006

The United States may be a two-party system, but judging by the five candidates on the Colorado gubernatorial ticket, there may be more to the political landscape than donkeys and elephants.

Democrat Bill Ritter and Republican Bob Beauprez have certainly been given the most attention, from the media and their respective campaigns. But just because they have the most time and money to jump around and showcase themselves doesn’t mean we should ignore or write off the other candidates.

Clyde J. Harkins, Dawn Winkler-Kinateder and former CSU professor Paul Fiorino are also vying for the governor’s mansion.

Though it’s doubtful that any will emerge as a real contender, they are providing the average voter a smorgasbord of choices in political preference.

There have been countless jokes and “Simpsons” references to third party candidates being a wasted vote, but those who don’t take the time to look into their platforms are just as bad as the people who vote for a candidate based on political ads. You don’t have to vote for a third party candidate, but at least take to time to recognize that there’s more than two ways to have a party.

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