Oct 162006

Good thing we don’t live in a 2-D world like the Mario Brothers. Think about how hard it would be to avoid all those people on the plaza with clipboards. In fact, that would be a sweet video game. Something like “Clipboard Wars: You can run…but you can’t hide…unless you sign this…”

Dear God, I know that you thought it was time for it to be freezing cold, but you were wrong. Please bring back the sunshine. Amen.

To my suitemate: Whatever you’re doing to the shower to make it smell bad – please stop! It’s starting to gross me out!

I am wondering if we have a shoe policy on campus… it really perplexes me, especially since I saw a guy wearing everything (backpack included) but shoes in the halls of Eddy on Wednesday.

The idea of Laser Taco is absurd. Lasers are completely unsafe! I agree no mortal could decide, however, Taco Tag would be equally exciting and delicious and yet much more responsible.

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