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Oct 152006

What a mess.

Kim Jong Il, while obviously not an idiot, is by all accounts unstable, untrustworthy and bizarre. And now he apparently has nuclear weapons.

If only President Bush could have taken a lesson or two in foresight from Trey Parker and Matt Stone – the “South Park” and “Team America: World Police” guys. Kim Jong Il, in case you forget, was the villain in the 2004 puppet flick.

This has gone too far as it is. Now, for the U.N., it’s a matter of managing the crisis.

Behind all of the power and security that our nation holds are nuclear weapons. Other countries want in on our club.

With nuclear weapons, it doesn’t really matter who uses them, or why. They’re impractical for purposes of simple war – too large, too powerful and too destructive.

Practical nuke wisdom holds that as long as a country simply has a nuclear bomb, it’s safe – it can threaten complete destruction if attacked.

Look at the Cold War. The U.S. never attacked the former Soviet Union because of the fear of mutually assured destruction: They’d both fire their nukes and there would be no world left to dominate.

If North Korea is doing this because its leader feels like it’s only a matter of time before other countries decide the Communist nation isn’t really necessary anymore, then we’re likely not in for serious problems.

But if North Korea actually hopes to use these weapons or dole them out to aggressive groups, then we’re in for a strange and horrible era.

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