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Oct 152006
Authors: Geoff Johnson The Rocky Mountain Collegian

CSU students Robert Thomas, Nick Thomas and Charlie Scheid are going streaking – in their very own streak-a-thon.

They have not commented on the usually icy cold temperatures on late October nights.

Thomas and Thomas (no relation) started a Facebook group around the beginning of the school year, promising to streak at the CSU Homecoming football game if membership reached 50,000.

“We started it as sort of a joke,” said Robert Thomas, a junior open-option major seeking technical journalism. “But a lot of people joined.”

Membership in the Facebook group was around 13,000 when it was taken off of the Web site.

When Nick and Robert Thomas saw the climbing population of the group, they decided they could use their new-found popularity for a good cause.

“Now, we’re streaking to beat testicular cancer,” said Scheid, a freshman open-option major seeking business.

Along the way, Thomas, Thomas and Scheid have picked up sponsors, including The Web site has promised to donate $25,000 to Livestrong, cancer survivor Lance Armstrong’s cancer support non-profit, if the streakers accomplish one task.

“We are trying to break the world record for the most people streaking at once,” said Nick Thomas, a senior political science and liberal arts major.

The current world record is 1,200 students. The record-breaking event took place in Boulder.

Robert Thomas sees the location of the previous record as motivation for CSU students to streak.

“We just beat them in football,” he said. “Why not take the world streaking record from them, too?”

Thomas, Thomas and Scheid are hoping for at least 1,250 runners from CSU to break the record. will also donate $1 to the streak-a-thon cause for each CSU student who becomes a member of the Web site and joins the group called “We’re going Streaking.”

The final location of the streaking event will also be released on the Web site, as well as the Facebook event “Streak-a-palooza.” The trio says it’s still scouting out the best location. It’s set for 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 28, right after the home football game against New Mexico.

Monster and Rockstar energy drinks and COED Magazine are among the Streak-a-thon’s other sponsors.

Thomas, Thomas and Scheid are quick to remind everyone that this streaking is legal.

Robert Thomas explains that it will be on private land. Not everyone involved will be entirely naked.

“Ninety percent (naked),” Nick Thomas said. “People can wear underwear if they don’t feel comfortable (being naked).”

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