Ram Talk

Oct 122006

A bucket is just one of those things that when you need it there is no substitute.

To the girl in the oval on Friday: I am really, really sorry my dog peed on your blanket

By taking away a fraternity like SAE, you are taking away an organization which has contributed thousands of hours of community service and thousands of dollars toward philanthropy.

My girlfriend wants me to do something out of the ordinary for her by Friday. I know this is cutting it close, but does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking dance lessons . . .

To my techno-loving neighbors: do you have Dance Dance Revolution team practice at your house every night from 10 p.m. until 3 in the morning?

I just wanted to tell the person who stole the big log out of our junkpile last weekend that they should come back and steal the rest of the trash too. Waste Management won’t take it.

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