Oct 122006

Every story has two – sometimes more – sides to it.

In every “controversial” story the Collegian reports, we try to pin down those sides and be as fair as possible.

But because of the circumstances of certain stories, that sometimes isn’t always possible.

We believe the recent case of Sigma Alpha Epsilon – the fraternity that is on suspension pending an investigation by its national branch and CSU following the alleged alcohol overdose of a 17-year-old CSU student – is one of those stories.

The Collegian learned that the fraternity was under investigation, and eventually obtained an internal investigative report about the events of the night in question.

We believed there was relevant information that our readers needed to know about, and after careful debate printed parts of the report.

The president of SAE kindly and respectfully spoke to the Collegian, but always, understandably, refused to discuss the details of the case or respond to allegations.

So, the Collegian was left with one side of the story.

We know a couple of facts: that a female CSU freshman nearly died and spent hours in the emergency room after drinking too much. And we also know that the chapter’s president said the “brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon regret the events of that unfortunate night.”

What exactly he regrets is unknown.

SAE, until an official sanction is imposed, is innocent in our eyes. And even if a sanction is imposed, then they still have their side of the story.

A Greek board recommended the university strip SAE’s charter, and the chapter president told us he was going to appeal the decision.

We welcome the appeal, and welcome the truth to come to light. And until then, we ask students to hold off on judgment.

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