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Authors: Hilary Davis

There may not be an ‘I’ in Courtney Healey, but there is an ‘I’ in marriage this November.

“These days, my life is all about I,” Healey said.

No, the former Associated Students of CSU President hasn’t forgotten her grammar; she is working as the co-regional director of Northern Colo. for Referendum I, the ballot initiative to secure basic legal rights for same-sex couples in Colorado.

After graduating last spring, Healey did what most college graduates do – vacation, see family, relax and sleep. But after three weeks of summer “vacation,” Healey realized that she was bored.

“I am a person who needs to be busy,” Healey said. “My husband was excited to have his wife back and not working 70 hours a week, but that didn’t last too long.”

After working more than overtime as the president of ASCSU, Healey has thrown herself into her new position with equal passion and enthusiasm. Especially now that she can freely espouse her beliefs.

“As ASCSU president, I enjoyed representing everybody,” Healey said. “But it’s nice to finally represent myself and something I believe in, and what I believe I can do to help change the world.”

But changing the world has come with a bit of an adjustment period.

“I’m OK not being in charge of everything, but that’s been a recent development,” Healey said, laughing.

“In those first few years out of college, you have to pay your dues, and that’s with any job, and I’m doing that now. However, it has not been an unwelcome change.”

What Healey is hoping to change are the current laws regarding rights for same-sex couples. Referendum I is not a gay marriage initiative, but a measure to establish legal domestic partnerships in Colorado, a social justice issue that Healey feels very strongly about.

“You won’t find people working on a social justice issue like this if they’re not very passionate about it,” Healey said. “I am very attached to the vision statement that I developed at Leadershape last year, and this is very much in line with my vision and my goals.”

Her Leadership vision statement hangs framed on the wall of her office. It reads, “To create a global community in which all people are represented and justice prevails through selfless government.” Healey said this is a statement she plans to live her life by.

While Healey may have graduated from CSU, she still considers herself a Ram. She marched in the Homecoming parade, tailgated and went to the football game on Saturday.

Healey also revisited her not-so-distant presidential past, but in a new capacity.

“I went to talk to ASCSU about Ref. I, and it was weird to stand on the senate floor,” Healey said. “But I’m really glad they decided to vote on Ref. I because it is definitely a student issue.”

After much service to CSU students, Healey still has one wish for them:

“I really hope students go out and vote,” Healey said. “If students decided to all vote, they could be a huge force in elections – they could make some real change.”

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