Oct 102006

Finding Gartrell during football games is like finding Waldo.

Has anyone ever noticed that the phonetic pronunciation of fajita sounds like a terrible STD? Unfortunately there is no cure of Fajitatitus, but Psoria can help reduce outbreaks and stop blistering.

To the person who hit my 3-year-old daughter with a turkey leg at the game Saturday: I hope you saw who you hit, I hope you saw her cry and I hope you are satisfied.

New man law: No drinking free beer at a party and then stealing the owner’s neon sign.

To the idiot who graffitied the Clark Building: If you are going to deface our campus, the least you could do is learn to draw a proper anarchy symbol.

I would like to complain about the people who complain about how ironic Ramtalk is because people complain about complainers. Geez.

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