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Oct 092006
Authors: Cole Weinman

Editor’s note: KCSU’s Sports Director Cole Weinman wrote this column in the form of random ramblings. If you like what you see here, tune in to Cole along with co-hosts Lance and Chad tonight and every Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m.

These are not the Rams of two years ago. After a 28-7 victory over the UNLV Rebels on Saturday, the Rams pulled to 4-1 on the season.

The Rams have already matched their win total from two years ago and are two wins away from matching their win total from last year.

This is a completely different team than two years ago, or even last year.

No longer do we have to put up with mistake-prone quarterbacks. No longer do we have to pray that the defense gets that stop. No longer is there a question whether this Ram team can compete for the Mountain West Conference Title. They most definitely can.

The knights of the green and gold sport the sixth ranked defense in the nation, up 110 spots from where they were two years ago. An efficient, star quarterback in the making and a running game that is starting to thrive lead an offense that can score, and score quickly. One of the toughest games of the season is coming up this week, as the Rams travel to Air Force on Thursday.

How do you keep a buffalo out of your house? You paint your lawn like an end zone. While Ram sports are tasting success, the team down south fell to the Baylor Bears in triple overtime.

I love the fact that CU-Boulder is 0-6, and with one more loss, most likely coming next week against Texas Tech, they will tie the longest losing streak in their 117-year existence.

I tried to get on their Web site to see what the Buff’s remaining schedule looks like, but if my team was 0-6, I would take my Web site down, too. Take a look at their remaining schedule: Texas Tech, #23 Oklahoma, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, #21 Nebraska.

If KU can beat the Buffs, they will go winless on the season. But for now, Ram fans can sleep well knowing never again can CU-Boulder students and fans make fun of Colorado State.

How about T.O.? After talking all week about how he was going to put up gaudy numbers against his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles, Mr. Owens laid probably the biggest egg in the second biggest game of his career. Three catches, 45 yards.

Wow. Strong showing by Owens. Talk about a choke job. T.O. was outperformed by the likes of MWC alum Hank Baskett III and second year receiver Reggie Brown. In the post-game press conference, you could see T.O. wanting to pass blame. Hey Terrell, new game plan for next week: Don’t suck.

This week’s chump wall: Former CU quarterback Brian White transferred to Portland State, a Division I-AA team after the Buffs lost to Montana State. This past weekend, Portland State lost to Montana State, making Brian White the first player to lose to the same team twice in a season in two different divisions of college football.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Cole Weinman is the sports director at KCSU FM 90.5 and can be reached at kcsusports@yahoo.com.

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