Oct 082006
Authors: Emily Polak

Cans were dancing, classic cars were honking, 1770s revolutionaries were marching and ’80s tunes were blasting.

Even Starbucks had a float.

“The parade got my morning going with a bang,” said Wes Fuller, a freshman open-option major seeking engineering.

Crowds of thousands of alumni, students and community members gathered along Laurel Street to watch the homecoming parade on Saturday morning and start off their homecoming weekend.

The parade and the crowd were overflowing with CSU pride.

“It is a good way to bring the community together,” said Ajay Menon, the dean of the College of Business, as he socialized with alumni and faculty.

He and many other alumni were having a good time and sharing their CSU pride.

“It’s very well put together,” said Joe Schmidt, who graduated from CSU in 1989. Schmidt does not have any children attending CSU currently, but enthusiastically pointed out his oldest will be a Ram in five years.

Steve Juarez, also an alumnus, was laughing and playing in the leaves with his toddler son.

“This is Ben’s first parade,” Juarez said. “It’s a great one.”

Alumni were excited to share their CSU pride with family and friends.

Many university and community organizations participated, including RamRide, Cans Around The Oval, the Poudre Valley Fire Authority and the city library.

Many of CSU’s fraternities and sororities participated with themed floats. Four Greek organizations collaborated to bring an ’80s-themed float that got the crowd to show off their dance moves to ’80s classics.

Local schools also participated, bringing their marching bands and cheerleaders.

Toward the end of the parade, political organizations including the Larimer County Democrats and Republicans, Angie Paccione’s and Bob Beauprez’s campaigns and proponents of Referendum I shared their messages.

Some people cheered the arrival of these parade participants, however others were not impressed.

“It was great,” said community member Steve Dugger. “Until all the politicians started showing up.”

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