Comic contained fallacies

Oct 082006

I feel the comic drawn by Ian Brown on page 4 of the Oct. 5

Collegian portrayed an ignorant, misled stereotype about Greeks in general.

Assuming members of Greek life are all drunks who sit around kegs, play X-box, take beer bong rips and do nothing with their college lives parallels the stupidity that comes from assuming a black male on campus “most likely” plays for the football or basketball team.

Furthermore, on page 5 under the sky diving section, Mathew Planalp talks about how beer is a “staple” for Chester. It goes on to furthermore say: “A staple in the life of an experienced skydiver, after all, is beer. At boogies – a weekend party for skydivers, where for a nominal fee, you can party with the big boys – beer is a necessity.”

I feel it is wrong for you to run an article taking a lighthearted approach to skydivers drinking, yet draw a comic, which cheaply and offensively stereotypes Greeks into one generic category.

Furthermore, the assumption in that comic is flawed due to the fact this is a college, with a relatively high level of drinking being done by unaffiliated students who are not part of the Greek life, which shows Greeks are neither more or less of drinkers than any unaffiliated student.

Unless you have evidence to overwhelm this, I would hope you wouldn’t allow any more comics like that one.

Ted Ciccone



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