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Oct 052006
Authors: Collegian Editorail Staff

The leaves have changed colors and the branches are bare. Parents are in town and there’s a chill in the air. The weekdays of Homecoming week have come and gone, but the week isn’t over yet – in fact, it’s far from it.

The Homecoming football game starts Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at Hughes Stadium, and we urge you all to go. And since we’re sure you want to show your Ram Pride this weekend at the parade and ensuing game, here are a couple of historical feathers to stick in your proverbial Ram Pride hat.

– The four symbols on CSU’s seal are mountains, ram, an eye and atoms. These represent CSU’s location, mascot, academia and research.

– The “A” painted on the foothills is the longest-standing tradition at CSU.

– CSU’s Ram mascot was adopted in 1946. Buck was the name of the first Ram ever.

– Homecoming got its start on Oct. 3, 1914, when it was organized in conjunction with a football game.

– When CSU was the Colorado Agricultural College, the common chant was “Hayseed! Turnip! Pumpkin! Squash! C! A! C! We are! By Gosh!”

So CSU, party hard, but party safe. As you can see on our front page, it’s social drinkers who tend to be more successful. And as you have seen on past front pages, the excessive drinkers really don’t have as much fun.

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