To the editor:

Oct 042006

Geoff Johnson’s feature, “One Reporter’s Experience With Zen,” is to be commended. Its thoughtful look into meditation and embarking on new experiences serve as an inspiration to readers.

Particularly poignant was describing Buddhism as a ‘gray’ area as compared to the black and whites of other traditional religions. In today’s world where these black and white differences are reasons to kill, the gray area is a refreshing answer to questions no one can understand.

I commend Geoff for his insightful look at something many people misunderstand and I look forward to reading Part II.

Katie Birkel

CSU alumna

technical journalism

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To the editor:

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Oct 042006

I’m the ‘old yeller’ back from the grave, barely undead – handing out leaflets, displaying a large peace sign. I’ve had signs destroyed before, but this time (1 p.m. Wednesday) I saw the guy ripping up my sign.

(The sign) didn’t seem incendiary:


I yelled, “You fool – you’re afraid of words!” (especially upsetting at

an alleged university) – and went after him.

We confronted each other (He was a good yeller also).

“Were you in Afghanistan? Were you in Afghanistan?”

“No, but I was in Korea.”

(He hesitated, perhaps unsure of what Korea was.)

“I learned in Korea that the average GI knew nothing about what was going on – I’ll bet GIs in Afghanistan don’t know much either.”

By this time there was a big crowd; they reproached him, citing “free speech.” He shouted, “Yeah, and I’m free to tear up his sign. And I’ll do it again, if he keeps corrupting…”

He compared me to Socrates!

One young buck offered to defend my signs. “Hell, no!” I said. “They’re cheap. I’ll just bring spares next time.”

In a way this was good. Some CSU students act as if they think our two wars are on TV. This guy showed them the wars are real.

Those who want to read strong opinions not vulnerable to tearing might go on the Internet to

Dan Lyons

Fort Collins resident

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