Oct 042006
Authors: Matthew Azrael Martin

Horns, heavy bass and a clap-along dance beat make this album one of the most fun local hits that’s been released in the past few months. As a DJ for KCSU, I can’t get enough of the first track “Still Life With Machine Gun.” It holds enough of that poppy sound to keep it from feeling like a first chair marching band. This cutting edge Denver-based septet plays electric guitars, horns, bass, drums, hot male vocals, the occasional squeeze box and a keyboardist who all together make Weezer sound like it needs horns to keep up with this loveable band.

The third track on The Soft Civil War, titled “Bureau of Yards and Docks,” sounds similar to the earlier Weezer and, as music director Jake Mountjoy put it, has “Shaky Arcade Fire-esque vocals.” Combing Indie guitar, softer bass and juxtaposed lyrics that go, “It’s too hot for murder, lets just go to the creek instead. And I’ll get your inner tubes ready.” Obverse to hyperbole I can honestly say all seven songs on this rockin’ EP are a colloquial delight to the ears.

KCSU local music director Matthew Azrael Martin can be reached at kcsufm@gmail.com.


To hear this EP, call the KSCU request line at 491-KCSU, or tune in to the Local Loco Show on Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m. at 90.5 FM.

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