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Oct 032006

As a CSU undergraduate and a proud member of the Greek community, I think the recent articles involving the SAE Fraternity are well written and informative to the student population. The students have a right to know what is going on at their campus, especially when it affects the name and reputation of CSU.

The article was well justified; the men of SAE broke university policy, Greek life policy and the law.

Yes, drinking happens in the dorms and all over off campus, and major incidents occur at these locations. But two years ago, after the tragedy of Sam Spady, the fraternities took on the challenge of a dry community in a very wet culture and told everyone they would be the leaders on campus when it comes to alcohol policy.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most is when an individual wrote in the paper, “A single group can be ostracized for the actions of a few,” saying that a couple of guys in the house ruined it for the rest of SAE. Now let’s take a minute and look at the bigger picture.

It really was the actions of SAE being the one who ruined it for the rest and gave the other 16 fraternities on campus associated with them a bad image. Now the Greek community is ostracized for the actions of one fraternity.

Regardless of what happens to SAE, the Greek community as a whole is affected along with the student body and the reputation of CSU.

Erich Rettinger


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