Oct 022006

Yet another reason why we are better than CU; Gym Class Heroes playing live outside the Lory Student Center! I don’t know about you, but I feel special.

I always wonder why there is a flat screen TV opposite to the ID office… I wish I could make use of it at my home.

I’d like to say thank you to all the gentlemen on campus who graciously open doors for me and my fellow female students. I think they’re doing this gesture because their parents taught them manners. I’ve been attending CSU since 2004 and I’ve never encountered such graciousness by gentlemen students. So again, thank you and please keep up this wonderful gesture.

Was anyone else really bummed that Trey Parker and Matt Stone don’t consider themselves Coloradans anymore?

Dear sober person, please lighten up and have a cocktail.

R-rated visual images and all they need is a warning sign for it to be OK? Well, I am going to hold a sign that reads “Caution: Adult content” and walk around campus all week in only my blue leopard man thong.

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