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After a tough start to the year, RamRide has finally found some success to build on.

The weekend after a RamRide car was totaled in a hit-and-run crash, the university’s safe-ride program set the record for the number of rides given in a single night this semester.

“We broke the record on (Sept. 23)” said Robin Sager, associate director of RamRide. “We gave 70 rides home to 206 people. For the volunteer problems we have been having this semester, this is fantastic.”

The following week, the program again smashed the weekend record for number of rides given this semester with 516.

Fort Collins police haven’t made any progress on the hit-and-run collision that occurred last month. The case is still under investigation, said Rita Davis, a spokeswoman for Fort Collins Police Services.

On Sept. 16, a man who rammed into a RamRide car near the intersection of Elizabeth Street and City Park Avenue pushed his car into a nearby parking lot and then, according to witnesses, fled on foot.

After worries about the number of volunteers, RamRide has seemed to find a steady stream of people willing to help.

“The rest of the semester is improving,” Sager said. “More student drivers are coming in independently.”

RamRide also attributes its new success to volunteering groups, such as Pre-Medica, who gave their time two Saturdays ago.

The program was started by members of the Associated Student of CSU after attending a conference at Texas A&M. The program is modeled after their CARPOOL

Last year, Ram Ride broke their record of rides given and hopes to do so again this year.

“We give an average of 12,500 to 13,000 rides every year,” RamRide director Holli Kinkel said. “I hope we can break the record again this year, but we will see. We could really use some help for the upcoming Saturday.”

Students interested in volunteering can sign up in the ASCSU office, located in the Lory Student Center.

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