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Oct 022006

Take a ride, give a ride. it’s only fair

RamRide may have broken its ride-giving records, but it could still use some help in the volunteering department.

If you use RamRide, you should volunteer for RamRide. It’s a simple concept.

It doesn’t cost any money for the rider, but it does cost time and resources from volunteers. It’s not fair to leech off the goodwill of others without giving something back. Plus, volunteering for RamRide is really easy – and it only takes a couple of nights a semester to make a difference.

Do the math.

There are eight weeks left in the semester (minus Fall Recess when RamRide doesn’t operate). If all 722 people who helped break the rider records volunteered one time, RamRide would have at least 30 volunteers a night for the rest of the semester.

Inevitably, some people will abuse the system, and it’s better for people to take a ride than drive drunk even if they don’t volunteer. But there is no good excuse not to return the favor and pay it forward.

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