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Oct 012006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

When CSU’s administration chose to ban Fum’s Song from football games, thus preventing it from becoming a mainstay of CSU tradition, it sparked an uprising.

It turned out CSU students have more school spirit than anyone originally thought.

Now students will have another occasion to boast their green and gold Ram pride and instill a tradition into the university’s history.

The Student Alumni Connection has taken up the cause of creating an official student cheer section in Moby Arena. The idea is, the more student togetherness at volleyball and basketball games, the more CSU can proclaim its dominance over the opposing team.

But what is a cheering section without a name?

The SAC realized the necessity for a catchy name and sent out a campus-wide cry asking students what they thought the name should be. Hundreds of responses were sent in, and five contenders were chosen: Cam’s Calvary, Green Machine, Cam’s House, RamPART and Gang Green. Students can vote online and the victor will be announced at the homecoming football game on Saturday.

We here at the Collegian hope that on Saturday, the words Gang Green will blare across the stadium for all to hear.

Green Machine? It’s just a little clich/ and, frankly, cartoonish. It contours images of the Hulk, those loveable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Shaggy’s Scream Machine.

Cam’s House? That’s just not fun. Where’s the alliteration, the play on words? Where’s the love in Cam’s House?

RamPART? We don’t even know what that means.

And Cam’s Calvary? Sounds a little like Captain Kangaroo, and we all know that was a bad idea.

Really, it’s just hard to like the other choices when you put them up against Gang Green.

Imagine the words Gang Green played big across the front (or back) of a T-shirt and you know you can’t go wrong. Especially when that T-shirt is green and worn by a mass of students chanting in unison from one specific section of Moby. At that point, the name will ring true – we really will be a gang of green.

And the play on words is undeniably undeniable. It’s turning something gross into something fun, and catchy, too.

So let your spirit shine this homecoming week and vote for Gang Green – it’s just too funny.

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