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Duke has the Cameron Crazies, Florida has the Rowdy Reptiles and, now, Colorado State has. Cam’s Cavalry?

“There were a couple hundred entries and we narrowed it down to five,” said Ben Gallegos, sophomore liberal arts major and director of Student Alumni Connection, Pride and Traditions. “I didn’t even get to see the whole list.”

SAC, which is spearheading the push for an official CSU student cheer section in Moby Arena, sent out the official ballot through e-mail Wednesday with the final five names: Cam’s Cavalry, Green Machine, Cam’s House, Gang Green and RamPART.

The name will be announced Saturday during the homecoming football game against Nevada-Las Vegas.

“We figure that football already has the support,” Gallegos said. “I mean no matter what, people are going to be coming out for the football games, but during the winter games don’t always draw the biggest crowds and we think that this could have a huge impact.”

Gallegos is not alone in recognizing the potential impact a unified section of rowdy students could have on games in Moby. Matt Rana, a sophomore psychology major, said he sees it, too.

He’s partial to Green Machine.

“It kind of reminds me of the Ninja Turtles,” he said.

The idea for an official student section came about at a SAC retreat last year, thanks to Mike Van Houten, chairman of the Student Section Committee.

“SAC really tries to promote student involvement with the athletic teams,” Van Houten said. “For instance, the CSU volleyball team is really good but nobody goes to the games.

“I know a lot of schools have a name or an identity for their student section, whether it be Iowa State and Cyclone Alley or Michigan’s Big House, we thought that something like this at CSU would be a good way to boost student attendance.”

SAC is also working with various sponsors to organize some sort of incentive program to encourage student attendance at the games. Points will be accumulated on student IDs, which will be scanned upon entrance to a Moby home game.

“If you go to five games you get a certain amount of points and you get, say, free food,” Gallegos said.

“Ten games you get, say, a couple movie tickets,” he said. “Fifteen games and you get a $100 shopping spree or something like that. Eventually what we’d like to do is have like a spring break vacation, but that is still in the works right now.”

Aaron Kelly sees the formation of an official student cheer section, as well as the incentive program, as wise moves by SAC. Kelly thought it would benefit the athletic teams and the student body in general.

“If you give people an incentive to go to games it will encourage them to come even more,” said the junior open-option seeking journalism major. “I love going to games but I would definitely feel that much more pride going as a part of Gang Green or Cam’s Cavalry.”

The newly named student section will be convened for the first time Oct. 26 when the CSU volleyball team takes on Mountain West rival Wyoming.

“We talked with athletics and they are trying to push the record for attendance at a women’s volleyball game,” Van Houten said.

Students are encouraged to vote online for their favorite name and then come out and be a part of the Moby Madness.

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Suggested names for the student section at Moby Arena:

Cam’s Cavalry

Green Machine

Cam’s House

Gang Green


Vote online at www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=830042447314.

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