Ram Talk

Oct 012006

I think that instead of putting our grades on WebCT, we should put them up on Facebook. It’d be a one-stop site for CSU students. News-feed: “Billy Bob just got a D on his history test.”

While driving down the streets around town and noticing all the trees changing, it occurred to me that even Mother Nature is a fan of the green and gold.

I just wanted to say thank you to whoever turned in my high school class ring that I lost at the library. A big shout out to all the honest people in the world.

Does anyone else find it extremely difficult to find the bathrooms in the library?

To the guy who left his bicycle unlocked: Please inform us next time you leave it unlocked for a long time.

Every man wants a urinal in his house. If you’re a man and don’t see the practicality in having a urinal, then you’ve obviously never sneezed while taking a piss.

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