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First of all, if we take a step back and think about Sam, we have to come to the conclusion that the people in her presence were unaware of the signs of alcohol poisoning.

Then, think about this poor young girl who is being ostracized by the media, same as was Sam, and her friends who knew the signs of alcohol poisoning and got her help.

I would say that is a lesson WELL learned. Her friends, maybe in correlation to the death of our beloved Samantha Spady, knew their friend was in trouble, they knew the signs, and they got her help.

Where she drank and who gave her the alcohol should be the smallest of concerns right now. If she hadn’t drank it there, she would have drank it somewhere else, and if that particular person hadn’t provided it, someone else would have.

Shouldn’t the spotlight be on the fact that these people turned for help? Isn’t that what we are striving for? They didn’t just put her to bed on her side with a trash can and a glass of water next to her bed like most people not affected by the death of Sam would do. They reacted and saved a life.

Secondly, strip away the Greek letters, the monogrammed sweatshirts and the houses and what would you have? You would still have a group of people who binge drink. They’d just do it somewhere else. If there never were a Greek system you would still have groups of people who binge drink… everywhere.

In fact, how about an article with some statistics on the number of people who go to detox or the hospital due to alcohol poisoning here in Fort Collins who aren’t Greek?

Statistics from the National Institute of Health show that alcohol causes or contributes to the deaths of about 1,700 college students each year. Where is that article? Who are those students? This is our culture and has been since our parents were in school. Blaming an organization gets us nowhere. Before we can change the habits of our culture, shouldn’t we celebrate those who try to fix its downfalls?

Christine Bettlach


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