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As a proud CSU and Greek alumnus, I am concerned that your reporters are not asking the right questions when they report the news. In an article last week headlined “University investigates Sigma Alpha Epsilon” there were a variety of fallacies that should have prevented the article from reaching print.

First, no statements or accounts from the university, no personal accounts of anyone there on the night in question, and most noticeably no statements made from the girl or her family. Secondly, if this incident is under investigation what makes it front page news when it is not timely and occurred weeks ago? It is not like excessive drinking is a new headline to CSU.

It alarms me to see that the Collegian has moved into tabloid speculation on a story with very few facts and only finger pointing. When a single group can be ostracized for the actions of a few, it is not only irresponsible but also contributes to our society’s infatuation with putting people on pedestals and then knocking them off.

The CSU administration has numerously praised the Greek community for the positive impacts it has made in the Fort Collins community. Last year SAE raised money and awareness for the Larimer County Humane Society, yet it only garnered page six news in the Collegian, and it included statements made by all parties and had a positive impact.

I hope that this letter encourages your staff to report on stories with more worth. Why not investigate to see how out-of-control drinking occurs in the dorms? Or what makes people binge drink? These stories may have positive impacts to our community that may help reduce the number of alcohol-poisoning incidents that occur. Both Greeks and CSU aim to make the individual, the university and society a better place; this speculative article only drives a wedge between them.

I can only hope that the Greek community bands together with the university to help curb binge drinking and that this young woman can be held accountable and responsible for her actions and not place them onto people with more money than she has.

Sheehan Meagher

CSU alumnus

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