Ram Talk

Sep 282006

I wanna know who is replying to the Wanted: Bike Guy Backup ad in the Collegian and where you learned the correct dialect to speak fluent duck? Sounds essential to become part of a Collegian Institution!

I don’t know why everyone is complaining about their bikes being stolen. I left mine unchained in front of the library from Thursday morning to Monday afternoon and it was fine.

You know what’s great? When you’re trying to study at the library and they decide to vacuum – for four hours.

In regards to the countdown to July 7, 2007…07-07-07 just so happens to be my 21st birthday. 07+07+07 = 21. I’m pretty sure this is coolest event ever…well…except for the time I scared a squirrel and it fell in a trash can.

Has anyone else noticed the stalagmites forming on the water fountain in the Engineering Building (second floor, N-wing)? I am excited to watch this development.

Dear all irresponsible drinkers, please stop ruining it for everybody else.

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