No need for gross photos

Sep 282006

After avoiding the plaza for three days this week due to the demonstrations by Justice for All (as I do every year), I was outraged to walk onto campus Thursday morning to find the images I had been trying to evade all week staring at me from the front of the Collegian.

While one can understand and appreciate that our college paper tries to report on things going on around campus, the picture of the graphic poster brought by Justice for All on the front page of Thursday’s Collegian was uncalled for.

The Collegian reported on Monday how the demonstration brings controversy to CSU every year; the Collegian also claimed they did not want to state their opinions about reproductive rights. But what was the purpose of publishing the picture on Thursday’s front page? There wasn’t even an article to go along with it! Seeing the graphic pictures displayed on the plaza this week can cause emotional distress and anxiety to many people regardless of their stance on abortion.

The decision of the Collegian to print a picture of a poster depicting an aborted fetus was inconsiderate and excessive. Three days of these images were enough; I would expect that many other CSU students feel the same way.

Kristin Hailpern

graduate student

counseling and career development

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