Sep 282006

What a week it’s been for free speech at CSU.

As Ernesto Zedillo eloquently defended “globalization” in Moby Arena last night, protesters outside lampooned the former Mexican president’s worldview – specifically, its impact on the poor and indigenous.

Justice for All, an anti-abortion group whose tactics many abhor, displayed giant images of bloodied, aborted fetuses to persuade students over to the “pro-life” side.

Student groups supporting Amendment 44, the November ballot measure that would legalize small amounts of pot, were able to post their fliers after the university had originally prevented them from doing so.

And Matt Bourgault – or Brother Matt, as he calls himself – was back in the Plaza yesterday afternoon, condemning CSU students to hell for having sex, smoking pot and drinking alcohol.

The inflammatory street preacher who called CSU women “loose” and CSU men “whoremongers” the last time he was around drew a crowd of well over a hundred.

Hey, the quality of his theology may have needed some touching up, but no one could accuse the flailing-arms preacher of being a poor showman.

CSU students made their voice heard all this week. From the left to the right, from Bible-thumpers to potheads, students stood up for what they believed in, and respectfully listened to that which they didn’t.

Congratulations to all who did something to advocate for a cause they believe in.

And hey, we’re in college. If the passion’s not flowing through you at this time in your life, you’re condemned to a life of pettiness and apathy.

As kids our age and younger breath their last breath a half world away in Iraq, the least we can do to uphold our end of the democracy bargain is believe in something.

Really, it’s the least we can do.

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