Ram Talk

Sep 262006

.And people will look back at our wonderful Grey’s Anatomy/House generation and say, “Damn those kids knew good television!”

While I was doing my accounting homework, I came across a bloody nose. Does that mean that my homework kicked my butt?

What ever happened to the kids from Nickelodeon’s Guts? Do they still wear Reebok pumps and climb big fake mountains, braving tumbling rocks made out of Styrofoam? D-D-do you have it? GUTS!

New Transfort Center is so cool and inviting. Yesterday I missed my last bus waiting inside.

There is one painting in the Lory Student Center opposite the STA Travels that scares me off every time I see it. Check it out!

The Denver defense is looking more like the Orange Crush again, rather than a can of orange juice concentrate.

So I slept through both of my alarms on Monday but luckily the couple that lives above me was loud enough to wake me up. Same time next Monday?

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