Sep 262006
Authors: J. David McSwane The Rocky Mountain Collegian

LOS ANGELES — “Alien Abductions, Anal Probes and Flaming Farts,” reads the oversized poster hanging directly above the welcome desk at the “South Park” animation studio. Below the text stands the staple of its organization: Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny, in succession.

In this studio, on this day – Sept. 21 – excitement is brewing for the 10th anniversary party that will be taking place that night. But creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone don’t have the luxury of partaking in the enthusiasm.

There is much work to be done.

“It’s the beginning of a new season, too, so all that we are really thinking about is that in less than two weeks, we will have the premier, and I don’t know what it is yet,” Parker says while looking at the ceiling, as if searching for something up there that could save him from a night of shaking hands and taking pictures with everybody he has ever known.

Stone interjects as he props his feet on the conference table to tighten his shoe laces, “If you have a television show, and you think about what you will do on your 10-year anniversary, you won’t get to 10 years. We only care about the next show.”

The conference room is big, but the ideas that have leaked from its closed doors are bigger. On the farthest wall hangs a blow-up poster of the Rolling Stone cover featuring the “South Park” children. Kenny is, of course, getting killed.

Outside the conference room, one staff member tells another she was disappointed because Michael Keaton wasn’t coming to the party, while another expresses concern that amid all the anticipation, he wasn’t going to get any work done.

At the prospect of this interview, Parker seems slightly less enthused than Stone at first.

“We definitely haven’t done the college newspaper before,” he says.

Stone continues to fidget with his shoes as he explains how they had been interviewed the day before by a New York Times reporter, who he describes as, “the worst, most boring, biggest piece of s*** ever.”

This is not very encouraging to a student journalist.

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