Sep 262006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

On their Web site, the CSU Greeks say their mission is to support the CSU’s academic mission, develop leadership values, build character and foster involvement at CSU.

Lately, rumors and reports of misbehavior in Greek life overshadow those missions. That’s unfortunate because the image of Greeks doesn’t match what they are supposed to stand for.

Not all of these men and women run amok in a sea of debauchery – but the scandals and misbehavior thrust the whole organization into negative light.

Regular students make just as many, if not more, irresponsible party decisions as Greeks. But fraternities and sororities are the only ones who have agreed to live in dry houses.

When students signson to be Greeks, they also commit to a set of rules. When a certain house breaks a rule – or the law – they deserve the criticism and negative consequences. Regrettably all fraternities and sororities catch the flak when just a couple mess up.

Greeks want to be recognized for their charity work, character building and lifelong camaraderie – and they should be. But in order to do so, all chapters must set a good example.

Greeks strive to be held to a higher standard – that’s why they hit so hard when they fall.

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