Sep 252006

Ryan Speaker asked me in his column on Monday if I can honestly say that Evangelical Christians are not as threatening as radical Islam. Absolutely I can. I cannot think of any Christians off the top of my head that hopped onto a bus full of innocent men, women and children recently, and then blew themselves up with a fashionable undergarment of plastic explosive.

Now I know that some will want to point out the individuals who have blown up abortion clinics, or murdered doctors who perform these horrific operations as examples of just how terrible Christianity is.

To these folks I would simply have to say that the few who have murdered for their Evangelical faith have no sympathy from me. As a Roman Catholic, I know it is our call to bear witness to the sins of others, but it is certainly not up to an individual to go out and kill whoever he deems is acting against God.

Oh, and by the way, a handful of murderers from Christianity have nothing on the masses of hateful, racist, sexist, bigoted, baby killers from the radical Islamic side of the religious spectrum.

Unfortunately for the opinions of Ryan Speaker and Rosie O’Donnell, there is a difference between having a politically incorrect reverend and committing mass murder.

Andrew Craig


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