To the Editor

Sep 242006

Our first amendment prohibits us from using our government as a weapon to convert everyone to one religion or creed. So why do we tolerate Rep. Musgrave’s continued efforts to impose her beliefs on all people?

Her attempts to continue to oppress homosexuals are an abomination. If it’s wrong, leave it to their God to decide. No one should be so bold to say they know how God feels about Her creation.

What if they are atheist, or their belief system says nothing of homosexuality? Who are we to hold them up to religious standards they don’t accept? Should we not, rather, love them as we love ourselves and afford them the rights of being partners in love and in law?

I don’t know about you, but I do not want my government to tell me that my beliefs are not acceptable in their sight – I would rather be accountable to the God of my beliefs in such matters. I believe Angie Paccione understands this. She’s an Evangelical Christian, and she understands that government should never impose beliefs on others.

Many seem to have forgotten that America was created as a nation of religious acceptance. In that spirit, our legislators cannot be allowed to impose their religion on those who believe differently. Angie will fight to make sure all people, regardless of their beliefs, will have equal protection under our law and Constitution. Stand up for the Constitution and the equality of all people – vote for Angie.

Todd Ellis

graduate student

atmospheric science

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