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Sep 212006

Today, we get to see an example of what America could and should be.

On the same day, CSU is playing host to both Saudi Arabian National Day and the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashana.

We hope to see students of all ethnicities, backgrounds and religions learn something about these two cultures, which have become embroiled in conflict across the globe.

And we hope that members of the Saudi Arabian and Jewish clubs involved take this opportunity to take a stand to show this horrid battle hasn’t followed them here.

While respect is the least we can ask for students to show, we hope today provides a chance for students to spend real time getting to know their fellow men and women.

So, for all students who feel uneasy about embracing foreign lands and ideas, get over it.

Stop by the sunken lounge to see CSU community members donning traditional Saudi Arabian garb or participate in the beginning of the Jewish holy days tonight with Hillel at the LSC.

And maybe you’ll see something that you aren’t likely to see in any other country in the world.

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