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Authors: By Brett Okamoto

Clint Oldenburg

Location: Left Arm

What: The Greek god Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders with the phrase “Against all odds” written inside.

Explanation: “This tattoo is probably the best out of any on the team. It’s something I’ve wanted since the eighth grade. When you live in small-town Wyoming and you say you want to be a professional football player, they tell you you’re crazy and you need to find something else. I look at the phrase as the way I live my life, ‘Against all odds.'”

Chase Weber

Location: Chest

What: The words, “Patrick Jacques, a.k.a. Big Daddy, 1986-2006.”

Explanation: “He’s been my best friend since childhood. I moved out of Dallas to come here but we still kept in touch and every time we saw each other it was always much love. This past summer he died in a car accident in Tyler, Texas. I didn’t make it to the funeral because I was training but I wanted to get something of him because he was my partner. So I put him on my chest.”

Michael Johnson

Location: Right Arm

What: The words “Fear Not. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (Second Timothy, Chapter I, Verse VII)

Explanation: “I got it because that’s the mentality you have to have as a defensive player. You can’t fear anything. Once you fear, you hesitate. And once you hesitate, that’s when you sit on the bench. I got it this year after the (Green v. Gold) game at Hughes Stadium. My dad had just got one and I wanted to get one that symbolizes what I do.”

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