Sep 202006
Authors: Hallie Woods The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Call it a curse, call it a blessing: I have skinny legs. My calves, no matter how hard I try, won’t “beef up” and gain some muscle. Although my friends tell me to shut up, that I’m lucky, I really don’t feel that way when I go to the store looking for boots. Every knee-high boot hangs around my “chicken-esque” calves and ankles.

While recently searching the Web, however, I found a company that makes leather and suede boots custom-made to cater to any calf size. Located in the United Kingdom, these boots are something to talk about. Whether you have big calves, small calves or those calves that are “just right,” you can order whatever style boot you like in your shoe and calf size.

The only downfall is the price. Most of the boots cost at least 100 euros (yes, European money), which, at an exchange rate of $1.33 to one euro, means you’re looking at over $100. This is the only reason I have yet to order a pair. I’m working on a set for Christmas. Regardless, if you’re a woman and going through some boot troubles, check out the Web site. What could it hurt?

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