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Sep 202006

We admit it. Recently we have been more than a little rough on President Bush.

It’s not that we all hate him, but even the Republicans among us sometimes have a hard time defending him.

Today, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called out the commander in chief pretty well, calling him “the devil” among other things.

So, in the interest of healthy debate, the Collegian has decided to act as the devil’s advocate. Here are the top 3 good moves that Bush has made in the past five years, eight months and one day.

1. Saddam Hussein is on trial for his crimes. Whether or not the war seems justified to all Americans, the fact remains that Hussein killed hundreds of thousands of people. Weapons of mass destruction or not, the man should be punished for his crimes.

2. Bush rallied the nation after 9/11. Sure, Giuliani deserves much of the credit, but Bush handled one of the worst moments in American history valiantly. After 9/11, his approval rating was higher than any president ever.

3. No Child Left Behind. Signed in January 2002, Bush called it “the cornerstone of (his) administration.” The act is the largest of its kind since 1965. Under NCLB, schools have been making sure all students achieve academic proficiency, parents and children have more freedom as to which school they attend, there have been advanced education programs put in place, and there is more freedom on how schools use governmental funding.

Bush has not been the most successful president in the history of the United States but he hasn’t necessarily been the worst either. He has been around for a bumpy patch in our history but he hasn’t necessarily been the cause of the turbulence.

All in all, no one knows how history will view his presidency. But one thing is certain: At least he’s not John Kerry.

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