Ram Talk

Sep 192006

OK, the whole “Doors that Only Swing Open 90 Degrees” experiment needs to come to an end. The conclusion is obvious: This is a bad and supremely annoying idea.

Why is it every time I want to complain about something in RamTalk, the next day someone has already complained about it? Not again.

To the girl who slowly swings on the squeaky swing set at 11 p.m. every night outside my apartment. Yeah, you’re kinda creeping me out!

To the kids streaking in City Park Saturday night – good job! I was the guy walking over the hill and I was cold with my jacket on. Hope to see you all around campus!

Now I know you don’t want to be well-known for your soon-to-be accomplishment, so I won’t name names. But I have to say thanks to the genius who is going to solve death. I doubt I speak only for myself when I say you’re my hero.

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