Sep 192006
Authors: MEGAN TRUSTY The Rocky Mountain Collegian

From jamming with the local neighborhood kids to playing at venues in downtown Chicago, Hugh and Dave Wygmans grew up loving and playing music.

So it only made sense that they would build a life and career around what they love-.

The Wygmans brothers, along with their wives Kristy and Marty, hosted the grand opening of their new music store, The Rock Stop, in Old Town last weekend.

They celebrated the opening with sales, free guitar giveaways and an open mic session led by Hugh and Dave.

“It went great and we had a good time,” said Kristy Wygmans, a co-owner and Dave’s wife.

Dave, who works in finance for Hewlett-Packard, and his brother Hugh, who has worked for various recording studios, decided to combine their love for music and background in business and bring it to Fort Collins.

“Fort Collins has a lively music community and we wanted to be a part of that,” Kristy said.

Kristy said their goal for The Rock Stop was to have a place where people could come in, sit and relax.

“We wanted to create an environment that was comfortable and casual for all levels of musicians,” she said.

As musicians themselves, Hugh and Dave knew what they looked for in a music store: A place with fair prices, a comfortable atmosphere and somewhere people could come in and meet other musicians.

Kristy Wygmans said another factor when making plans for The Rock Stop was a location in Old Town.

“We really wanted to be in Old Town; we love it and wanted to be in the center of things,” she said, adding that being within walking distance of CSU was another deciding factor on the location.

The Rock Stop, which is located on the corner of College and Laporte avenues, is complete with acoustic and electric guitars, drum accessories, amps, guitar lessons and even an Asteroids game machine – all of which customers are encouraged to play while in the store.

“We encourage everyone to take the guitars off the wall and play,” Kristy said.

Dave, who recently moved back to Fort Collins with his wife, said they knew music was a big part of the community and were surprised there aren’t more music stores around town.

Josh Lemon, a senior human development and family studies major, said he thinks it’s hard for music stores to make it in smaller towns because they either lack variety or don’t have the right target audience.

“Another music store will bring more choices and hopefully, since there is some competition, lower prices of equipment,” said Lemon, who plays drums in a local band in Fort Collins.

Dave and Kristy Wygmans said bringing a new music store to Fort Collins felt like a good fit so they decided to go for it.

“We hope we can be part of what brings music to the town,” Kristy said.

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