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Sep 192006
Authors: Marissa HuttonGavel The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Though no cases of E. coli have been officially reported in Fort Collins, the recent outbreak, linked to tainted spinach, has hit home in the Lory Student Center.

The Subway restaurant in the basement of the LSC pulled its spinach on Friday morning before opening.

The restaurant gets its spinach from Yancey’s Food Service, which distributes to schools, churches and other organizations in Northern Colorado, western Nebraska and southern Wyoming.

“If it was (out) we would have just put it in a bag and done whatever Yancey’s said to do with it,” Subway employee and senior Eren Gary said.

Villa Pizza, another restaurant in the LSC, doesn’t regularly serve spinach, but senior Chris Keplinger, a Villa employee, said their pizza oven would cook away almost anything.

“I haven’t served it since last year,” Keplinger said. “But if we do have it, it gets cooked in the oven. The only thing that would get through that oven is staff infection.”

Upstairs, That’s a Wrap serves spinach in the form of tortillas, but not to worry, they don’t have any of the fresh version.

“We use spinach powder,” said employee senior James Barnes as he read the ingredients on the box of their most popular wrap.

“None of the customers have even asked,” said manager and senior Lacey Knapp. “Obviously it’s not a huge concern.”

The newest edition to the LSC, Spoons, was the most affected by the recall because many of its salads use spinach as a key ingredient.

“As soon as we heard we pulled it off the line,” said employee Lauren Darien. “We’ve had a couple people ask to make sure we don’t have it. Hopefully we’ll get it back soon.”

Darien said Spoons’ owner, Tom Stoner, was contacted by the health department on Friday before pulling spinach from the Campus West and Old Town locations.

While businesses hurried to pull the potentially fatal vegetables from their menus, students seemed apathetic toward the situation.

“I guess I just missed it,” said senior mechanical engineering major Nathan Davidson, who bought a bag of spinach two weeks ago. “I think they need to figure out what’s going on quick though.”

Senior Lito Swu isn’t worried about her spinach.

“I think it’s overrated,” she said. “I think your body can handle it.”

Sophomore Dane Butler doesn’t eat spinach and has an easy solution to the whole thing.

“I say we just do away with spinach all together,” the open-option major said.

With no end to the outbreak in sight, Subway employee Katy Fain said Subway will continue to offer lettuce in place of spinach.

“You can have double lettuce to make up for our spinach,” she said.

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