Sep 172006
Authors: Garrett Fitzgerald The Rocky Mountain Collegian

For the seventh year, the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair brought green ideas from all over the country to Fort Collins.

The fair played host to green vendor tents, hands-on workshops and several speakers, including Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, this weekend.

“I’ve got a friend making his own wind generator and another making a straw dog house at the different workshops. It’s just all really cool, I love coming here,” said Fort Collins resident Sara Mitchell, who has been attending the fair for three years.

More than 150 vendors and 300 volunteers came together at the New Belgium Brewery to host the event.

“Last year we had 7,500 people from 28 different states, and this year we’re going to have more” said Kellie Falbo. “This event really belongs to everybody though, all the volunteers, the vendors, everybody.”

Falbo, the executive director for the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association, heads up the core group of volunteers that run the fair. Planning the fair has become her full-time job.

The event was held adjacent to the New Belgium Brewery for the second year.

“We like the new location (next to the brewery), it has a much more earthy feel to it,” Falbo said.

The move from the Old Town area hurt the fair’s attendance last year, but even some of the vendors noticed a change this year.

“The crowd was a little light last year, but this year should definitely pick up,” said Tai Robinson.

Robinson’s company, Intergalactic Hydrogen, specializes in converting cars to flexible fuel vehicles, from liquid natural gas to biodiesel.

Some residents were pleased with the fair and the environmentally friendly information they received.

“I absolutely love it, I find it so fascinating,” Mitchell said. “My husband and I can learn all about different types of ways to keep our energy bills down and help the environment.”

“On top of that I just like learning about this kind of stuff. It’s being at the Discovery Channel,” she said, “but with beer.”

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