Ram Talk

Sep 172006

If Jack Bauer was on the show “Lost,” they would have been off the island in 24 hours…

So, there’s this new bike lane on Laurel now, which is separate from the sidewalk… maybe you bikers could start using it. There are even little pictures to help you find it.

Steve Irwin once mated with a crocodile and had a child. That child grew up to be Chuck Norris.

Anyone ever noticed how library table lights are directly at eye level, making it impossible to hold a conversation with anyone on the other side?

Would you rather never be able to use a microwave or never be able to use a TV remote? That’s a tough one.

Why is it whenever someone sees a face on something you’re not supposed to, it’s Jesus? It could be Steve.

To the kid who thinks he is going to cure AIDS, and even better yet, DEATH… I don’t think that four years of school is going to cut it…

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