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Sep 172006
Authors: Stephanie Gerlach The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Artist Lindsay Obermeyer uses her personal life as inspiration for her work.

“Art is really about connections,” she said. “Each piece represents a different period of my life taking on everyday, real life challenges.”

The Curfman Gallery in the Lory Student Center will host Obermeyer’s series, titled “Woman’s Work,” throughout September and October.

The exhibit will include knitted and embroidered pieces that demonstrate the bond between mother and child, as well as bonds shared between those unrelated.

Obermeyer’s daughter, Emily, has been instrumental in the artist’s work.

“It showed me how she was in just as much control as I was,” Obermeyer said.

Most of her pieces are about attachment, especially that of a mother and child.

“Not much artwork is about parenting, let alone motherhood,” she said.

Obermeyer said her daughter gave her the inspiration she needed to complete most of her work, including the exhibit on campus.

The artwork has been featured in many galleries across the country.

“We try to look for artists that convey students’ interests and are visual impacting,” said Stan Scott, director of the Curfman Gallery. “Lindsay Obermeyer uses universal themes to connect people to her work.”

The work also allows for personal interpretation.

“Knitting alone is a language. The act of knitting, the time involvement, becomes a very personal gift,” Obermeyer said. “I make art to communicate with other people. Some people use writing, some painting. I use knitting.”

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To find out more information about Lindsay Obermeyer and her exhibit, contact the Curfman Gallery at 491-2810 or go online at Also, visit her Web site at

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