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Sep 132006

Hundreds of students will attend the President’s Fall Address and University Picnic today. The event provides not only a chance to hear the marching band and enjoy a barbeque paid by your student fees, but also to hear our president discuss his hopes for the future of CSU.

Penley is slated to boast about the millions of dollars in research funding CSU receives and the encouraging news of increasing enrollment numbers. But what about the hot issues that have created a hush around the school’s administration?

What about the investigations of department heads? What about the arrests of CSU football players for alleged fraud? What about the storm surrounding Fum’s Song?

As of Wednesday afternoon, these topics were not on the agenda.

Penley said his speech can change until the second he takes the podium. The Collegian hopes Penley uses the Fall Address as an opportunity to recognize the rough start CSU has experienced this year and not shy away from the just as important but less talked about topics. While it’s vital to concentrate on the great qualities of our stellar academic institution, Penley needs to tackle the subjects students are wondering about.

President Penley – don’t make promises to students, let us know you will endeavor to work on these recent troubles.

Give us a real, multifaceted speech. By not acknowledging CSU’s plights, it looks like you’re ashamed of the events and like things are being hidden from students.

Give us a real picture of what is happening at our university, not just the positives – the truth, no fluff.

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