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Sep 122006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

With the death of one, thousands learned lessons.

And now, two years past the date, those lessons are resurfacing in a new medium.

On Sept. 4, 2004, CSU student Samantha Spady consumed 30 to 40 drinks in a period of eight to 10 hours. The 19-year-old was found dead the next day in an unused room of a fraternity house, forgotten and left by her friends.

There were no signs of foul play or other drug use – only binge drinking.

The lessons of her death by alcohol poisoning are now being reiterated in a movie produced by The Sam Spady Foundation.

Those lessons could save your life – so learn them and use them.

Know the warning signs of alcohol poisoning to the point of instant recognition. Use that knowledge to act accordingly when you think a friend is showing signs that they might need medical help.

Hartshorn Health Service has a Web page dedicated to alcohol education and awareness. Use this resource at www.colostate.edu/Depts/CFDAE/alinfo.shtml – it could save someone’s life.

One drink in one hour is the proper amount that your body can metabolize, but it is a limit that is often abused, resulting in tragic mistakes.

Stay in good company when drinking. Watch out for your friends and never leave them alone thinking they just “passed out” and will wake in the morning.

And finally, ditch the it-won’t-happen-to-me attitude, because it can.

When Sam Spady died, she left a legacy of lessons that we would all do good to live by.

Respect them and respect yourself – don’t let it happen to you or someone you love.

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