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Sep 122006
Authors: GIULIA PECONE The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Chris Campbell


Major: bio-medical sciences

G: Ok, let’s start with your name.

C: Chris Campbell.

G: And what year are you at CSU?

C: It’s my first year at CSU.

G: And where did you come from?

C: I am from Lyons, Colorado.

G: What do you miss most about Lyons?

C: Tubing down the St. Vrain River.

G: Tell me a little bit about that.

C: It’s terrifying because I’d get hit by a bunch of rocks going down there, and usually bang up my knee really bad. But it was fun.

G: What do you enjoy about college life that differs from high school life?

C: The lack of parents.

G: Do you feel like you have a lot more freedom here?

C: Tons more freedom. My parents usually required that I call if I was going to be out late, and here, well, I haven’t called them since I got here.

G: What kind of classes are you taking here?

C: My favorites are logical and critical thinking, as well as economics in society. I thought both were really interesting, and my other classes aren’t so interesting.

G: What are you majoring in?

C: Bio-medical sciences.

G: And what would you like to do with that major?

C: I’m going to invent a cure for AIDS, and solve death.

G: What do you mean by solve death?

C: Invent a drug so that we don’t have to die from natural causes.

G: So you would like to create a drug to, basically, control death.

C: Pretty much.

G: And how do you plan on going about that?

C: This is why I’m getting my major. I don’t know anything about it yet.

G: So you are waiting to take some classes to find some scientific theories in order to help you stop death?

C: Sure.

G: What type of natural-caused deaths are you thinking of focusing on?

C: The decay of the human body over time. Cellular, that is, the cellular decay of the human body.

G: What do you feel like your purpose in life is?

C: I don’t feel I have a purpose. I think everyone just does the best they can.

G: How many years do you plan on attending college?

C: Um, four to five years.

G: Are you planning on staying at CSU?

C: After two years, I might try to attend Rochester University in New York.

G: Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

C: In 10 years, I’m probably going to be working with, like, an Amgen or something like that, one of the bio-medical science corporations.

G: Would you like your name to be well-known?

C: No, I don’t think that is necessary. I think my contribution will make me feel good enough.

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