To the Editor

Sep 112006

Two points to make on your (editorial) column: You called the footage of the Twin Towers burning images “of a time long passed.” In the grand scheme of things, five years is not a long time. To those who had loved ones die on 9/11, it is not a long time passed.

Those images that you condemn are images that our generation should never forget. The consequences of those days will reverberate throughout the rest of our lives and it will be the responsibility of our generation to deal with them.

I don’t think it is right of you to say we should not look at those images simply because you believe we should not cherish our gut reaction because it brought us to where we are today. Even the wrong choices that came from 9/11 should be remembered.

When you said our home has changed…well, duh. We are at war; our peers are dying in a country most of us will never visit. And, of course, the government has changed. Last night Ted Koppel hosted a show called “The Price of Security.”

During the forum, a family member of someone who died on 9/11 stated that if another attack happened tomorrow, we would not be having this conversation and I believe she is right. Our gut feeling after 9/11 was to go get these terrorists and make sure this never happens again.

And that is what we are trying to do. We cannot afford to forget our gut feelings because the moment we do, we will lose this war.

Bradley Sutton


English and philosophy double-major

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To the Editor

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Sep 112006

Let me begin with saying it takes a lot for me to write in or even care about the liberal views of the Collegian, but enough is enough.

In the Sept. 11 Collegian the editorial board states we should feel insulted by the media replaying clips or sharing the stories from that tragic day.

I have one simple question for the board: Have you forgotten? Over 2,000 innocent people lost their lives because some radicals didn’t like our view on freedom so in a sad attempt to teach us a lesson they hijacked planes and killed innocent people.

On April 19 when clips of the Oklahoma City bombing are replayed, or on April 20 when clips of the Columbine High School shooting are replayed should we be insulted then, too? So what is the difference between the three, other than the Collegian’s strong hatred for one of the best presidents yet who actually had the courage and initiative to stand up and fight for our country and its citizens?

I say thank you to the media for replaying the images and sharing the stories because it reminds all of us what the brave men and women of the armed forces are fighting for and how we all felt on that September day.

It lets the families of the innocent people who died know we DO remember. For those of you who still refuse to stand behind our president and our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them.

Mark Reinholtz


construction management and business major

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