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Sep 112006

Last week I got lost in the Morgan Library basement. A librarian found me two hours later eating my shoe to survive.

“Brokeback Mountain” was just “The Mountain” before Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked it.

I feel like a freshman again…Today I realized I had been going to the microeconomics recitation for three weeks, instead of the MACROECONOMICS recitation. I only figured it out when the other students started getting out their microeconomics books!

I just thought I would let everyone know that I haven’t been able to get online today so in case you are looking for a Facebook news feed today I have: sneezed twice, coughed three times and blinked 4,139 times…oops, that’s once more!

To the man attempting to feed the squirrel in front of the police station: First it’s the little piece of bread, then a PB&J, and finally YOUR FACE. Just walk away homes, it’s not even worth it.

There should be a limit on the size of the RamTalk snippets … I have seen people writing essays and this is one more example of that!

To the person who was wondering what happens to all of his pens: I have a profitable secondhand ballpoint business and in my free time, blatantly rip off Douglas Adams.

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