Ram Talk

Sep 102006

Why is it called “RamTalk” if rams can’t talk? But maybe they do and we just can’t understand them. It could be like aliens talking in the movies where you hear “Ahhooohiiiooyyyo” and that really means “I want a cheeseburger,” but you don’t know that without the subtitles.

What class are you in with the girl with stinky feet on her chair? I think I might be in the same.

To the few intellectually challenged cyclists who insist on biking on the Plaza: if the words DISMOUNT ZONE aren’t clear enough for you, how’s this … the next time you clip me when I’m walking, I’m going to push you off your bike.

Anyone agree with my vision of the old Cam store becoming Taco Bell?

Why is Boondocks allowed to be so racially perverse when I have to walk on pins and needles to be PC? Double standards!

To the group of guys fishing for people with a dollar bill – It made my day watching people fall for it!

So I’m not sure about anyone else, but I think moving walkways should be a must on this campus.

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