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Sep 102006
Authors: Geoff Johnson The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Cormac Hodgin and Brent Dovin watched the Rocky Mountain Showdown at Old Chicago on Saturday afternoon.

The duo and a half-dozen friends spent the afternoon at the restaurant’s bar, glued to the TV. They didn’t have tickets to the game at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver.

“We were too lazy,” said Dovin, a senior studying mechanical engineering.

Hodgin, a junior technical journalism major, chimed in: “We dropped the ball. And when we realized we couldn’t get student tickets anymore, we couldn’t afford the regular ones.”

But it turned out OK.

“Of course we’d like to be at the game,” Hodgin admitted during halftime. “But we’re happy here. The Rams are winning. We’re having a good time.”

Dovin, too, had no regrets.

“We’re with the people who are our best friends right now,” he said.

Erin Hiney, a friend of the two seniors and a 2005 CSU alumna, agreed.

“It doesn’t matter whether we’re at Invesco or Old Chicago, as long as we’re all together,” she said.

Hodgin, Dovin and their enthusiastic green-clad friends were just a handful of the multitude of CSU fans filling every seat within view of a television in the bar at Old Chicago, at 147 S. College Ave.

“It’s usually about like this (for the CSU-Colorado-Boulder game),” said Ceceilia Culbert, a 2000 graduate and an Old Chicago waitress.

As the bar patrons celebrated a Colorado-Boulder missed field goal in the third quarter, she added: “If anything, it’s a little bit more mellow (this year). I think people are drinking a little more responsibly this year.”

Between the third and fourth quarters, Dovin was not at all surprised that the Rams were winning.

“This is exactly what I expected,” he said.

Even as CU gained momentum in the second half and threatened the Rams’ slim lead, Hodgin remained certain of a Ram victory.

“I came out here bold-faced,” he said. “I am still very confident. The team looks confident.”

As the clock ran out following the game’s final play, Hodgin, Dovin and all their friends toasted their triumphant Rams in a cacophony of tinkling glasses.

Julie Chapple added that she took particular pleasure in the fact that this Ram victory was CU’s second loss in only two games this season.

“CU lost to Montana State, which was embarrassing, and now we beat them,” said Chapple, a senior marketing major at Northern Colorado. “Their season is pretty much over.”

After seeing three straight CSU losses to the Buffaloes, Hodgin was elated to see the Rams defeat CU for his first time as a CSU student.

“This is so huge that I finally got to see them beat CU in my fourth year,” he said. “It feels really good.”

Between cheers with his friends, Dovin admitted that although he was very pleased, he’d really wanted more.

“I’m a little disappointed it wasn’t 70-0.”

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